Thanks for showing up. I looked forward to meeting you.thank you for your time. I hope that you get to know more about me and the things i do that makes me tite.please come along.

  Times have evolved and things are happening now...

Quit banking to obey the call of destiny. I have now           successfully assumed my role full time as the Chief Strategist of txkg.

The Synopsis Challenge is the next big thing and we are working tooth and nail to make it brilliant.

We are launching a few books next year, 'Yes You Can' 'Outstanding' and the new improved 'Flying Colors'. We are also working hard on our new audio programs: 'Outstanding', 'The Mind of the Entrepreneur', & 'The good,the bad and the money'.

 I have just written a new small something on the articles page about now been the time to dream. please be kind enough to let me know your opinion.

thank you for coming along..... 

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